Get Inspired For 2017 And Step Up

By Confederation College Modified on January 03, 2017

2017 is going to be an incredible year; we can feel it! With Canada turning 150 and Confederation college celebrating 50 years, how can you help but be inspired?


Confederation has proudly supported over 34,000 alumni to achieve their dreams since 1967, through a diverse range of over 60 full-time programs at nine campuses across northwestern Ontario (including our main campus in Thunder Bay). From smaller victories like making someone smile and feel comfortable as a Personal Support Worker or helping build a family’s first home as a Carpenter, to larger victories like establishing a profitable business or saving a life as a Firefighter, our alumni have gone on to achieve some impressive feats and enjoyed great success.

Some of Confederation’s well-known alumni include Hollywood cinematographer with credits including District 9, Elysium and Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Trent Opaloch, the first female pilot type rated to fly the CL-415 waterbomber in North America – Emily Crombez, international ambassador for the eradication of polio – Ramesh Ferris, and First Nations community leader and the youngest Chief to be elected to her home community – Georjann Morriseau.

Our 50th Anniversary is helping us appreciate our history, but more than that, it’s getting us excited about our future, and our future is you! You can join the Confederation College alumni and be the next one to achieve your dreams and change lives.

As you get geared up for a great 2017, we hope you’ve been inspired to step up and pursue post-secondary education at Confederation College. We encourage you to visit to learn more about what your passion might be and how we can support you to take that passion to the next level. If you need some help narrowing down your options, contact our Recruitment Team and look to your family and friends for ideas and support.

What legacy will you leave?
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