Future Success Is Yours

By Concordia University Modified on February 22, 2017

Start the year off right: 5 tips for making a fresh start, then staying on track!


Earning a university degree takes discipline, determination and focus. Your time at university will be all about developing your time-management skills and drawing on your own inner motivation. Why not get started now? We've got a few pointers.

  1. 1. Keeping going, with your eye on the prize
    You're half-way through your final year and you've done good work so far. Now is not the time to let up. Make sure you know the kind of marks you'll need to maintain to get into your program of choice.
  2. 2. Take care of yourself
    The best way to keep up with a fast-paced, demanding schedule is not necessarily to work harder. The more you prioritize self-care, the more energy and good humour you'll have to keep you feeling positive and moving forward. At Concordia, students foster well-being through staying active (work out at Le Gym, play dodgeball, or go hiking with the Outdoors Club).
    Bonus: living in Montreal, you'll get an automatic dose of joie de vivre.
  3. 3. Invest in your support network
    Your friends offer encouragement, inspiration and a critical mass of people moving in the same direction as you. Allow some of their energy to carry you. Whether it's through study groups or coffee breaks, make time to connect with your people.
  4. 4. Find a mentor
    Know someone who's achieving results, while genuinely enjoying life? Learn from that person. At Concordia, the Student Success Centre pairs you with an upper-year student for valuable guidance as you navigate your university career.
  5. 5. Dream
    Stay motivated by maintaining a vision in your mind's eye of where you'd like to be. Check us out on Instagram for a little help picturing your future campus.