Crush Your Fears About Studying Abroad

By Saint Mary's University Modified on February 23, 2017

Let this article challenge a few fears you may have about studying abroad, and perhaps it will change your mind.


When thinking about participating in a study abroad, there are many factors you may consider to determine if this is the right path for you. Below you will find a few factors with resources to help you understand that you do not need to fear travelling as a part of your university experience.

Cost- Studying in another country may be costly. Though, there are many scholarships that are specifically designed for students studying abroad. Additionally, some Canadian universities participate in a tuition swap, where you pay your home universities’ tuition in exchange to the study abroad courses. Other ways to cut the cost, could be to participate in a summer abroad program or and international field school instead of an entire semester.

Homesickness – It will be natural to feel homesick as a part of this experience. However, you will be one of many international students at your new university and will be with like minded individuals. These individuals could be friends that you make for life and feel like your family away from home. In some cases, you can be provided a host family in the city you are located, board with and eat with.

Language barriers- Language does not have to be a challenge, as there are many study abroad you can take in English speaking countries. Also, when you are not in an English speaking country, you can typically take language courses as a part of your study abroad. Learning a new language can be exciting!

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