You Want To Study In The UK? Great Decision!

By Manchester Metropolitan University Modified on October 28, 2016

What should you consider when making your application?


So, you're thinking about applying to the UK? Manchester Metropolitan University is a great choice for your studies. With six faculties offering around 800 programmes, we have a wide selection to choose from to help you towards your intended career.

Research is a key aspect making an application to the UK to ensure that you pick the right programme for you. Before you start your UCAS application, you should find out about the programmes you are interested in and about the universities that offer them. You can only make five choices on your UCAS application, so you want to make sure they are the right five choices.

Manchester Metropolitan University has a coursefinder where you can learn about the content of the programmes and find out what you would be studying. You can find out entry requirements for Canada and by looking around the international pages, you can check out what the university is like and see what our current students think of Manchester Met.

Doing this research before you make your application will help you feel confident that you have made the right decision for your five UCAS choices.

UCAS is used by all the universities in the UK. It allows you to make one application, which is sent to all five choices. This does mean that your personal statement will be the same for all the applications, so talk about why you want study that field and avoid mentioning specific universities. You only have 4,000 characters for the personal statement. Talk about your interest in the subject, what your career plans are and how studying that subject will help you get there.

Good luck with your application!

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