Considering Studying In The UK?

By Northumbria University Modified on October 24, 2016

3 tips on applying to a university in the UK!


If you, like many others, are considering applying to a University in the UK then the following may help:

  1. 1. Research your decision:

    It is important you make a decision you are comfortable with when choosing a university and course. Make sure you consider various factors like the course content and the location of the University, it will be your home for the next few years - Newcastle is a great option to consider, it has everything a City offers but all in close proximity to the campus and your accommodation.

  2. 2. Application process:

    Once you’ve decided what and where to study you will need to submit an application. It is important that you’ve checked the entry requirements to make sure they are achievable. We suggest you apply via UCAS, but remember to check the deadlines for applications and any other requirements such as a portfolio.

  3. 3. Stand out from the crowd:

    You will need to write a personal statement, this is your chance to promote everything about you that makes you the best applicant, include why you want to study the course and what skills you can bring to the University. It can be daunting but there are lots of tips on the UCAS website and ask your friends, family, and counsellors to help too!

Remember everyone’s in the same boat as you and this is an exciting opportunity to sell yourself to your dream university!