Grad School Preparation And Options

By Swansea University - Graduate Programs Modified on October 14, 2016

All those tests...


Choosing the right school to pursue your higher education can be an overwhelming process. And then, yes, there are the tests you have to submit with your applications!

Whatever your career path and the appropriate test you need to take i.e. GMAT, GRE or LSAT, make sure you plan ahead so you don’t put yourself under any unnecessary pressure and also remove the possibility of having to take re-sits and incur additional cost.

Go on line and:

  • Confirm where the closest testing centres are to you
  • Confirm the dates of the tests
  • Make application in plenty of time
  • Take advantage of undertaking the “mock tests” which are available and will help you identify your strengths/weaknesses and familiarise yourself with the format.

You may wish to consider the UK as a study destination, as there are many good reasons to do so:

Swansea University, recently voted the top university in Wales in the prestigious Times rankings requires NO GMAT, GRE or LSAT as your application will be assessed on your undergraduate transcript results.

  • Welsh University of the Year
  • You can achieve your Master’s degree in ONE CALENDAR YEAR, September to September, enabling you to be in the job market one year earlier.
  • Affordable tuition fees.
  • An experience of a lifetime providing you with the proximity to history and cultural traditions, not only in the UK, but across the EU, with it being on the doorstep.
  • The network is global which open up career options and access to resources.

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