Make The Most Of Your College Experience

By Cambrian College Modified on September 02, 2016

College is more than just books and classes; it's a lifestyle!


Don't spend your college years locked away in your dorm or confined to your classrooms. There's so much that your school has to offer, and we recommend taking advantage of every opportunity available.

Unleash your inner athlete by signing up for an intramural tournament and/or league. These activities are usually low-cost and available year-round. It's a great way to make friends and improve your athletic skills in a fun environment.

Join clubs to form relationships with other students who have similar interests. Whether you're into anime, sports, Pinterest, or Pokemon GO, there's something for everyone! If you have an idea for a club that hasn't already been created yet, go see your Students' Administrative Council to pitch your idea and form your own group!

Extra-curricular activities provide a great way for you to utilize your skills and express your passions. If you excel at a particular subject, offer to become a tutor for your classmates. If you're interested in student affairs, run for student council! Take a look at your school's bulletin boards to see what's going on around your campus.

Use Student Services. Cambrian College offers many services to support you and to help you have the ultimate student experience. Whether it's preparing for a job interview, receiving financial support, getting extra help with your academics, or buying a parking pass, we are here to help.