Kick Off The School Year By GETTING INVOLVED!

By University of Regina Modified on September 02, 2016

Join us for Welcome Week - there are so many activities and events to participate in!


The University of Regina is excited to welcome you and get you involved in campus life as soon as you step foot onto campus for Welcome Week! There are so many different events and activities to get involved in. Here are just a few options:

Academic Services, Student Loans, and Scholarships
Is there anything you're uncertain about? Stop by the Academic Service desk to get answers. Student loans and scholarships can be confusing too. Don't hesitate to ask any questions about financial aid - we are here to help!

Find Your Classes and Explore Campus
University is a whole new environment! We will connect you with a current student to help you find your classes for the new semester! It's a great way to prepare for your first week and get to know a new friend at the university who already knows the ropes! Or maybe you can get a lay of the land by joining us for a campus tour. You'll be an expert in no time!

Get Active
If you want to get a feel of some of our URFit classes - this might be the perfect beginning! Start your day off by getting your spin on! Grab a towel and enjoy a great ride. Get ready to have fun and sweat it out.

Let Loose!
Go shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond to prepare your new home! Challenge your new friends to a board game; unwind with some popcorn and Netflix, or join us for a Night at the Museum! Eat some snacks and win prizes!

We know that you will find new friends, gain a new community and get familiar with your new home during Welcome Week! Check out the schedule and download the app!