My School Has What?

You’d be surprised at how much is out there!


Thinking about school may be the last thing you want to be doing right now. But learning about your school’s resources and how to access them now will help you get the most out of this coming academic year.

Lots of schools offer students a range of services and extracurricular activities, and Humber is no exception.


Whether you’re into chess, Frisbee or Pokémon Go, chances are there’s a group for you. Joining a club will help you meet new people who share your interests – it’s a chance to find instant common ground if your campus is a little overwhelming.

Peer Mentors

Adjusting to campus life can be tough for some first-year students. Whether they’re giving you advice on choosing the right electives or finding the best hangout spot, peer mentors can help you out with all the little things that make a good school experience even better.

Gym and Athletic Centre

Studies prove that exercise directly results in lower stress levels and a better sleep, not to mention breaking a sweat improves your overall health. Join a Zumba Class, get a personal trainer or swim laps -- whatever your exercise of choice is, find something you love to do and get out there and do it. At Humber, for example, students have access to free fitness classes, exercise facilities and intramural sports teams.


Extra help after class will go a long way in helping you better understand the theories and concepts you’re taught in the classroom. Look for programs that connect you with peer tutors, or provide drop-in support for writing and math. Humber even has a support centre for accounting and finance students!