Gain Workplace Experience While Studying In The UK

By Manchester Metropolitan University Modified on June 08, 2016

Enhance your career opportunities!


Did you know that studying in the UK doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on opportunities for your resumé?

Here at Manchester Metropolitan University, we provide our students with the opportunity to undertake a placement or internship whilst studying.

Placements and internships – what’s the difference?
An Internship is a period of work experience related to your degree course that lasts between 1 and 12 weeks. It usually (but not always) takes place outside of University term, e.g. during summer holidays.
A Placement is a longer period of work experience that usually lasts a year (adding a year to the three-year degree – Year 1 and Year 2 is study, Year 3 is the placement and Year 4 is the final year of study). You’ll often hear this called a ‘sandwich year’.

The degree programme you study will determine which opportunity could be available to you.

Why do work experience?
There are many benefits to undertaking a placement or internship while studying at Manchester Met, including:

  • Practical experience in your industry
  • Experience of teamwork and development of interpersonal skills
  • Awareness of current developments in your sector
  • Put your studies to use in a real-life work situation – some students are given their own project, which allows independence and freedom to develop ideas.
  • Possible achievement of higher grades and a better degree - in 2015 89% of Business School Sandwich Students graduated with a first or a 2:1 degree.
  • Improved job opportunities and increased attractiveness to employers

The university Careers and Employability service holds events for students to meet with companies offering placements, while our academic schools have Placement Units to support you in applying for jobs. They provide guidance and information to make your application, attend an interview, write your resumé and they support you while you are out on placement.