Rejection Is Old News. Find Another Way, Right Here.

By Coventry University Modified on May 09, 2016

You’ll always have a Plan B and more with Coventry University!


If you’ve missed out on studying at Coventry University, there’s no need to worry. There’s always alternative ways that you can study with us. Think if these alternatives would suit you.

Another opportunity to re-apply

There is nothing to stop you applying again next year. Take advantage of the gap year to gain some work experience which will make your next application stronger and make your CV look great!

You also have the option to re-apply through clearing and can explore other subjects of interest. See the full list of September 2016 courses here.

Think about different study options

Coventry University has a number study options around the UK. Each has a unique flavour that may be suited to you. And you can be sure that these are held in the same high regard as our main Coventry University campus.

Coventry University London Campus- Located in the heart of the financial district, our state of the art London campus offers comprehensive courses that are designed to provide a real business and professional experience.

Coventry University College- A range of exciting courses for international students is available at our Coventry based college. Plus there is the flexibility of multiple intakes each year. The best part is that all courses are awarded and accredited by Coventry University, which means graduating with a Coventry University qualification.

ONCAMPUS Coventry – Coventry University is a partner of ONCAMPUS, teaching pre-university programmes. Successfully completing a Foundation programme with ONCAMPUS Coventry guarantees progression to Coventry University.

At Coventry University there is always an alternative route which you can take towards having a successful career. Good luck!