Prepare For Acceptance Into Your First-choice Program

By St. Lawrence College Modified on May 06, 2016

If you don’t get accepted into your first-choice program, it can be beneficial to have a Plan B strategy!


If you don’t get accepted into your first-choice program, it can be beneficial to have a Plan B strategy.

The most in-demand programs at St. Lawrence College, such as Behavioural Psychology, Practical Nursing, and Paramedic, can become oversubscribed, meaning the number of available spots for students is filled and a waiting list is formed or applicants are not offered acceptance into the program. If an oversubscribed program was your first choice but you weren’t able to secure a spot in the program, don’t worry… there is a Plan B strategy available.

St. Lawrence College offers one-year General Arts and Science Certificate programs that prepare you to succeed in the future in your program of choice. You’ll gain knowledge in foundational areas relevant to your area of future study, with General Arts and Science program streams available in Health Sciences, Applied Arts, Behavioural Psychology, General Studies, Social Sciences, and Technology.

If, at the end of your one-year program, you decide you don’t want to continue your college education in another program, you won’t walk away empty handed – you can graduate with an Ontario College Certificate in General Arts and Science. If you wish to continue your studies, you may be eligible for an advantage in admissions scoring when applying to highly competitive, oversubscribed programs.

St. Lawrence College also offers a one-year Pre-Health Sciences program to prepare individuals to meet all of the necessary prerequisites for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

Not registered for a Fall 2016 program? There is still time to apply to many of our programs, including General Arts and Science programs! Contact our Recruiting team to find a program that is a good fit for your career plans: or call 1-800-463-0752.