Plan B at TRU: The New Path You Least Expected

By Thompson Rivers University Modified on May 06, 2016

Sometimes even the best laid plans need a Plan B and TRU might be the best back-up plan you ever had!


Sometimes even the best laid plans need a Plan B. Whether you applied to your dream school and didn’t get it, or your perfect program is the most competitive one in the faculty and you just missed the GPA cutoff, TRU might be the best back-up plan you ever had.

With over 14,000 students on-campus, Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC offers over 100 programs with endless choices and opportunities. And the best part? There are still seats available in our ‘open’ programs: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Computing Science.

Open Admission means that applications are accepted, and admission determined on a first-applied, first-admitted basis for qualified applicants - applications are accepted through to August, as long as seats are still open. Even better, if you need to upgrade or complete specific pre-requisites for your program of choice before applying, you can do so in an open program. So if you’re missing Math 12 or just missed the cut-off for your English 12 mark, you can boost not only your transcript but your confidence as well.

TRU also offers a diversified selection of Limited Admission programs such as Police & Justice and Events and Conventions Management, to name just two. Limited means the number of seats available in a program is limited; limited programs accept applications as long as space permits, but they also frequently require admissions interviews, pre-testing, orientations and additional supporting documents.

Towards the end of the competitive scale, ‘selective’ programs are competitive entry and only accept applications until a designated deadline, all of which have passed. Programs like TRU’s acclaimed Bachelor of Science in Nursing accept 80 students every year and reject over 500 applications. No matter what, there shouldn’t be hard feelings because there is always next year. Prospective nursing students who do not get in, can receive an offer of admission to the general Bachelor of Science to upgrade and enhance their application for next year.

Which brings us back to right where we began: even if your best laid plans fell through, there are still options available, so don’t fret – maybe you will fill the last seat in one of TRU’s limited programs, or grab a chair in one of our open ones. There is always next year, your program isn’t going anywhere; until then, you might even find a new path that you least expected.

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