Tips On Dealing With Stress

By Laurentian University/Universite Laurentienne Modified on April 18, 2016

Here's a few tips that are sure to help you manage your stress!


The word “stress” is often synonymous with negativity but that shouldn’t always be the case as this is a very exciting time in your lives. At this point some of you could be waiting for application offers to come through, information regarding student awards and many of you could be planning a big move to a new city. This is a lot to digest for anyone, let alone a high school student. If you feel as though all of this is a tad bit overwhelming these next few tips are sure to help you manage your stress.

Personally, when I get stressed out I like to exercise. I feel as though going out for a good run helps clear my mind and the fresh air helps me refuel. If running isn’t your thing, grab a ball and shoot some hoops or play a bit of futsal with some friends. Though I enjoy running, yoga is my favorite and you can do it just about anywhere!

Healthy Diet
If you’re feeling weighed down by the changes happening around you move towards healthier options. I like starting off my day with a tall glass of orange juice which is a great source of vitamin C. If you’re a fan of natural alternatives, find oregano extract at your local health food store and take a couple drops daily.

Getting a sufficient amount of sleep on a regular basis is an important key to success, at any point in your life. Try exchanging screen time for sleep time, even if it’s a quick 20-minute nap. As a general guideline, try getting between 6 and 8 hours of sleep per day – you’ll be glad you did!

Keep in mind that regardless of the institution you choose to pursuit your studies; they all have different avenues to help manage your stress. This is an aspect of student life that Laurentian University excels at.

Each semester Laurentian University’s Centre for Academic Excellence (CAE) offers a number of workshops to help students manage their stress. These workshops are offered 2-3 times per semester, each semester and conveniently offered in French and English. Here are a few to look out for once you find yourself on campus!

  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Peer Mental Health Support Group
  • Exam Preparation
This year Laurentian University created a new Peer Mentor program. This is another great initiative put forth by our Student Life Centre. This program is designed to help facilitate the transition period for incoming students by pairing your with an upper year student. This upper year student will show you around and teach you the ins and outs of being a Laurentian student. This is sure to put your mind at ease.

To finish, it’s important to remember that all of these services are offered at no extra cost to our students with the goal of ensuring not only their success, but that they’re comfortable during their time at Laurentian. For more insight on the student life on campus, checkout what Laurentian students are saying in their blogs!

As always, thanks for reading!
See you on campus,

Jason-Scott Benoit
Secondary School Coordinator
Laurentian University