Five New Year Resolutions For You

By Leeds Beckett University Modified on January 14, 2016

Your final months at school: Better make the most out of it!


Your next step before going into your successful career is crucial. Now that it's a New Year, a new term – it is just the beginning. Here are five tips for you to make your transition easier.

  1. 1. Have commitment
    Yes, it is the end of the term and you have so much planned for this academic year-end. However, do not forget to commit yourself to get good grades and make sure that you pass this bridge to success with qualified marks – you do not want your grades to decline and be short of entry points. Commit to the things you do that will prepare you for your next step, as it will reflect on who you are to the college admissions.
  2. 2. Stop procrastinating
    Things are getting busy and overwhelming for you to balance applications and school activities. You are allowed to have your on and off days but always keep in mind to not underestimate the amount of time that you have, make sure to spare enough time for each task for you to complete at your best ability.
  3. 3. Research, research and research
    You can never do too much research when it comes to your choice of colleges. You need to know what you want to do, where you want to go, which college would best suite your needs and see yourself in the long run.
  4. 4. Build your profile
    School involvement such as volunteering, student union positions and extra-curricular activities is what you need to build your profile. Writing a great personal statement is also vital but proof to support what you have written is always useful.
  5. 5. Be confident – ‘You can do this’ Never hold back on your abilities. You are your own worst critic – therefore, banish all the negative thoughts and focus on achieving the goal that you have set.

Best of luck & Happy 2016!

MA Public Relations & Strategic Communications student
Leeds Beckett University