Four Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

By University of Lethbridge Modified on December 14, 2015

Learn by living: take your education beyond borders!


Travelling to an unknown world, immersing yourself in fascinating cultures, building unforgettable experiences and creating long-lasting friendships all while completing your post-secondary education – it just can’t get any better!!

Here are four reasons why the University of Lethbridge emphasizes the value of going abroad to study.

  1. 1. When you travel as a student, you have access to unique opportunities and support that may disappear once you graduate, including scholarships, student discounts, special housing arrangements, and, let’s not forget, time to have fun!!
  2. 2. Studying abroad expands your horizons and increases your global-awareness. Exploring other cities, living in different cultures, learning a new language, taking risks and just getting out of your comfort zone teaches you to think about issues from all angles, equipping you for future challenges, whether in the workplace, in your studies or in day-to-day life. You will discover yourself and learn to be courageous in sharing your thoughts and ideas with others, while gaining the ability to accept and respect differences.
  3. 3. During your time abroad, you’ll meet new people! In addition to meeting students from around the world also studying abroad, you’ll also connect with locals, building connections in a new community. At the end of your term, you will have created wonderful memories and valuable networks in your personal and professional life.
  4. 4. Adding a study abroad term to your educational career gives you the edge you need for employers to take a second glance at your job application. Studying in another country, being far from home and dealing with everyday challenges helps you develop an invaluable skill set unique to you.

The University of Lethbridge offers numerous exciting study abroad opportunities – currently, we have partnerships with more than 20 universities worldwide. Learn more about uLethbridge’s study abroad opportunities and international exchanges.