Turn Your Passion Into A Profession

By Algonquin College - Graduate Programs Modified on October 19, 2015

Don’t settle for just getting your feet on the ground floor, when a graduate certificate or intensive diploma can take your qualifications to the next level—fast. Whether you’re a new graduate or looking to boost your career, these short programs give you an edge with high-demand specializations for your chosen field.

Perhaps you found that university wasn’t the right fit. Or, you might be having a hard time finding a job in your field. Algonquin College is the perfect place to rethink your postsecondary education and add practical, hands-on experiences to your theoretical base.

Check out this great video from our students on why they chose Algonquin!

Make Yourself More Marketable
Postgraduate programs elevate your credentials, giving you a step up when you apply for that job, promotion or higher pay scale. Your career path will have more places to go and faster ways to get there.

You’ll learn from instructors who are highly experienced in the industry, passionate about their craft, and understand the advanced skills you need to succeed.

Raise Your Confidence With Hands-On Experience
Algonquin is well-known for not just teaching you how to do something, but providing you with opportunities to actually do it yourself. This hands-on environment gives you the confidence you need to achieve more on the job and stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Turn Your Passion Into A Profession
We can help you find a program of study that aligns with your degree. Have a look at the options that are available to you. Want to explore your career options, discover wages and jobs? Check out Career Coach.