Thinking About Graduate Studies?


  1. 1. Know why you are applying to graduate school. Are you passionate about a particular subject or topic? Is there a problem you want to try to alleviate or solve? Are you motivated by an academic challenge? Do you have a long-term benefit or goal you’d like to fulfill? Asking yourself these questions will help you determine your research path in a graduate studies program.

  2. 2. Start your application early. Applications take some time to complete, and you will need to submit supporting documentation. Read through the directions so you understand the admission requirements, and ask for help if you need it!

  3. 3. Find a supervisor. Many programs require that you have an appropriate supervisor confirmed before you apply. We can provide help finding one, if you need it.

  4. 4. Solidify strong recommenders. Find referees who are able to support and endorse the exceptional qualities that enable you to manage the rigors of graduate-level education. You’ll submit Letters of Reference through the online application system, so start the application process early enough to provide your referees with enough time to complete Letters of Reference on your behalf.

  5. 5. Check deadlines for scholarship and/or funding applications. You have access to financial support, including graduate teaching assistantships, research assistantships, external research support, scholarships and fellowships, and government funding. Apply for financial support early and often!

  6. 6. Get first-hand advice about graduate studies. Who better to learn about graduate studies from than current students, alumni, and staff?

  7. 7. Write an articulate Letter of Intent. Your Letter of Intent is your opportunity to show your passion for your proposed research; It should outline your academic and/or professional background, be concise—typically no more than one-page, and include only important information.

  8. 8. Learn from any rejections. If your application is unsuccessful, take the opportunity to find out why. Don’t be afraid to reapply.