Top 5 Ways to be Successful During Exams

By Scholarships Canada Modified on January 07, 2017

Become the Exam Master!


Exams can be a really stressful time. One of the biggest things is that there are so many things that you just have to keep in mind and do throughout the exam season. Here are 5 tips to stay organized and exam on!

  1. 1. Own an agenda. An agenda that divides up your days into times will allow you to plan out your day in a way that assures that you will give all the needed attention to everything you need to do.
  2. 2. Schedule in your study times. Find out how much time you need to put in studying each exam. You may need to put more time in another but make sure you schedule it in a way that allows you to think about each subject a few times every two days leading up to the exam. By doing this the lessons and information is always fresh in your head.
  3. 3. Go to extra help. Make sure to take advantage of all the different ways you can get extra help. Whether that be extra labs and tutorials, peer study sessions any free extra help that you can get use it to learn more or just simply review and confirm of questions you may have had throughout the year.
  4. 4. Ask questions. If you are unsure of something ask. Don’t assume that you can’t confirm a right answer with someone who may know a lot more certainly. Go into office hours with professors and TAs/IAs to make sure you know the right answers to all the questions you may have had that you are unsure of.
  5. 5. Don’t forget to rest and eat! Remember that sleep and food are two things you will absolutely need in order to function. The more you study without these two the less efficient your time studying will be. Everyone studies differently but studying takes a lot of energy which can only be produced if you recharge with sleep and food. There is no point of starving yourself or staying up super late if nothing going through you head is being retained
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