(NOC 2111)


These statistiaEmployment in 2018


Median age of workers in 2018


Average retirement age in 2018

61.0cs cover the career grouping of Physical Science Professionals (NOC 211), which includes Astronomers.

Workers are employed in a variety of industries: Professional, scientific and technical services (39%), Public administration (20%), Health care and social assistance (15%), manufacturing (15%).

According to the Labour Force Survey (2009), 13% of workers in this group were self-employed, while the average for all occupations was 16%.

This occupation (Physicists and Astronomers) is part of a larger group called Physical Science Professionals (NOC 211). According to the Labour Force Survey (2009), the unionization rate for this group was 24%, while the unionization rate for all occupations was 31%.

Modified on January 26, 2022