(NOC 1111)


These statistics cover the career grouping of Financial Auditors and Accountants (NOC 111).

There were 361,128 workers employed in this occupation in 2010. The median age of workers is 43 years and the average retirement age is 62 years.

The unemployment rate, at a very low 1.4% in 2008, remained virtually unchanged.

According to the Labour Force Survey (2009), 24% of workers in this group were self-employed, while the average for all occupations was 16%.

91% of workers in this occupation worked full-time, compared to the average of 81% for all occupations.

Women represented 55% of workers in this occupation, compared to the average of 48% for all occupations.

This occupation (Financial Auditors and Accountants) is part of a larger group called Auditors, Accountants and Investment Professionals (NOC 111). According to the Labour Force Survey (2009), the unionization rate for this group was 16%, while the unionization rate for all occupations was 31%.

Modified on May 15, 2012