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  Career Hot Careers Average Salary Salary Change
Civil Engineers
Plan, evaluate, research and manage a variety of major civil engineering projects including the construction/repair of structures such as: buildings, ...
$76,461 +10.26%
Mechanical Engineers
Mechanical engineers research, design and develop machinery and systems for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning, power generation, transportatio...
$74,360 +10.89%
Chemical Engineers
Chemical engineers design the operation/improvement of: chemical processes and equipment; quality control; environmental protection; biochemical/biote...
$77,896 +14.32%
Industrial Engineers
Industrial and manufacturing engineers develop and supervise programs to achieve the best use of equipment, human resources, technology, and materials...
$73,882 +15.29%
Aerospace Engineers
Aerospace engineers research, design and develop aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, satellites, aerospace systems and their components.
$73,237 +5.86%
Agricultural Engineers
Agricultural engineers design agricultural machinery and systems.
$80,059 +18.14%
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