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Below are the Careers related to "Early Childhood Studies"
  Career Hot Careers Average Salary Salary Change
Administrators - Post-Secondary Education and Vocational Training
Administrators in post-secondary education and vocational training see to the business operations of colleges, career colleges, universities and other...
$81,349 +16.85%
Administrators in Education - Elementary and Secondary Education
School administrators organize and direct the academic affairs of either the elementary or high school systems as well as evaluate curriculum, teachin...
$85,322 +18.28%
School Principals
School principals organize and direct the activities of teachers/other staff at elementary/high schools.
$85,322 +18.28%
Post-secondary Teaching and Research Assistants
Post-secondary teaching and research assistants assist university professors, community college and CEGEP teachers and other faculty members in teachi...
College and Other Vocational Instructors
College and other vocational instructors teach applied arts, academic, technical and vocational subjects to students at community colleges, CEGEPs, ag...
Secondary School Teachers
Secondary school teachers prepare and teach academic, technical, vocational or specialized subjects at public and private secondary schools.
$71,781 +17.94%
Elementary School Teachers
Elementary school teachers teach basic subjects such as reading, writing and arithmetic or specialized subjects such as English or French as a second ...
$68,619 +18.12%
School and Guidance Counsellors
Educational, school and guidance counsellors advise students on educational issues, career planning and personal development and co-ordinate the provi...
$67,267 +19.51%
Education Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers
Education policy researchers, consultants and program officers conduct research, produce reports and administer elementary, secondary and post-seconda...
Early Childhood Educators and Assistants
Early childhood educators plan, organize, and lead activities for preschool and school-aged children that are designed to encourage intellectual, phys...
$36,046 +20.51%
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