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  Career Hot Careers Average Salary Salary Change
An influencer is someone with a specific niche who posts and interacts with others frequently on one or more social media platforms with a dedicated f...
Cinematographers work in television and film. They manage the art or technique of shooting motion pictures, which may involved the choice of film, cam...
$61,381 +12.42%
Directors interpret scripts, select casts and direct performers and other aspects of productions.
$61,381 +12.42%
Film and Video Camera Operators
Film and video camera operators record news and live events, and film videos and television broadcasts.
$46,405 -2.23%
Theatre, Fashion, Exhibit and Other Creative Designers
Theatre designers conceptualize and produce designs for sets, costumes, and lighting. Fashion designers conceptualize and produce designs for clothing...
$47,299 +7.16%
Photographic Film Processors
Photographic and film processors process and finish still / motion picture film.
$28,184 +11.8%
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