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Below are the Careers related to "Virtual and Augmented Reality Certificate"
  Career Hot Careers Average Salary Salary Change
An influencer is someone with a specific niche who posts and interacts with others frequently on one or more social media platforms with a dedicated f...
Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technologists and Technicians
Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians may work independently or provide technical support and services in the develop...
Industrial Designers
Industrial designers create and produce designs for consumer, industrial, and business products.
$57,242 +14.71%
Cinematographers work in television and film. They manage the art or technique of shooting motion pictures, which may involved the choice of film, cam...
$61,381 +12.42%
Interior Designers
Interior designers conceptualize and produce designs for interior spaces in residential, commercial and other buildings.
$50,523 +20.25%
Painters and Decorators
Painters and decorators apply paint, wallpaper and other finishes to interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and other structures.
$39,000 +13.77%
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