Instructors and Teachers of Persons with Disabilities

(NOC 4215)


These comments are for the career group Paralegals, Social Services Workers and Occupations in Education and Religion, n.e.c., which includes Instructors and Teachers of Persons with Disabilities.

Job opportunities will mainly result from the need to replace special education instructors and teachers who will be retiring and from new jobs being created. In addition, other people in this occupation will leave their positions to move on to jobs as early childhood educators (NOC 4214) and community and social service workers (NOC 4212).
The tasks performed by special education teachers have evolved considerably over the years in all sectors, but most of all in health and social services. Their roles have evolved from that of supervisor, group leader and disciplinarian to encompass rehabilitation and therapy. More recently, the workload and type of intervention provided by special education instructors has once again expanded. Rather than implementing the action plans designed by the professional staff or management, special education workers are now being more frequently called upon to take on full responsibility for case management. This trend has resulted in greater requirements for entry into this occupation in terns of education and versatility.

Job Seekers: 154,892
Job Openings: 171,151

Job prospects for this career are rated Fair

Last Updated: May 19, 2012