Dance Instructor

Doris, 38 is a professional ballroom dancer and the owner of a highly successful dance company, Kaiyotes Dance Inc. located in Toronto. She has been dancing for over 20 years and is also an instructor at the school.

Vindra: What made you decide to become a dancer?
Doris: When I was four years old, I always knew I was going to be a dancer. I always loved moving around to music and loved the rhythm of music. It just seemed natural for me to live a life full of dance.

Vindra: What classes and/or extra education have you been enrolled with to further your dance career?
Doris: I have worked with world-class dancers in workshops, fast track dance school, and have attended a dance teacher school. Mainly I prefer to work with Professional Champion dancers when they come to town.

Vindra: What is the highest level of education you have pursued?
Doris: Professional 9 dance and American Rhythm champion in Canada.

Vindra: How hard was it to develop your dance school and dance company?
Doris: It was very challenging, as I had to deal with all aspects of business and personal side of things. The hardest was to maintain employees and have them be satisfied by the way I want to run the company. Everyone thinks they can do a better job then everyone else, and it was hard battling my own and their needs as well.

Vindra: What is the best part of your job?
Doris: The best part of my job is to see people succeed to the level they want.

Vindra: What is the worst?
Doris: Long hours on our feet and over-exerting my body.

Vindra: What is your favourite type of dance?
Doris: Ballroom.

Vindra: How long have you been a dance instructor?
Five years.

Vindra: What makes dancing so appealing?
Doris: There is a tough mental and physical challenge in dancing. It’s a very disciplinary subject where you have to work your mind and body over and over again. There are lots of different careers in dancing where people can explore as a dancers themselves. For example: choreographer, teacher, studio owner, and even a judge at a dance competition.

Vindra: What advice would you have for someone interested in a career in dance, or interested in creating his or her own dance company?
Doris: To keep dancing, dancing is an art that you will never achieve perfection but you can get close to perfection through your own mind and body. You always learn and learn and it never ends, it almost seems like the more you learn, you always feel like a beginner. But don’t give up! Because giving up is the worst thing you can do.

Vindra: Why do you love dance?
Doris: I get to perform! I get to be the star!