Hot Careers in Canada

Managers in Protective Services

Would you like to be a leader in your community? A career in protective services may be right for you.

Career Estimated Entry-Level Salary Average Annual Salary (2010-2011)
Intelligence Officers $21,948 $43,971*
Commissioned Police Officers $30,087 $99,611
Fire Chiefs $50,317 $100,963

* This is the Average Annual Salary for 2005-2006. The Average Annual Salary for 2010-2011 was unavailable.

Working Environment

Work can be physically demanding, stressful, and dangerous.

Certification and Advancement

Many years of experience in protective services are generally required to obtain a senior management position. Training programs and diplomas or degrees in Business Administration would be beneficial to advance in the field of protective services.

Career Outlook

Many opportunities will open due to retiring professionals.