Hot Careers in Canada

Contractors/Operators/Supervisors: Agriculture

Love keeping our planet green? A career as an agricultural contractor, operator or supervisor may be right for you.

Career Estimated Entry-Level Salary Average Annual Salary (2010-2011)
Farmers and Farm Managers $27,532 $34,715
Managers and Operators in Aquaculture $21,320 $43,741*
Agricultural Contractors $27,509 $34,756*
Farm Supervisors and Specialized Livestock Workers $21,320 $35,089
Landscape Supervisors $35,000 $47,112
Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Contractors and Managers $22,839 $42,203
Nursery and Greenhouse Operators and Managers $35,000 $45,240

* This is the Average Annual Salary for 2005-2006. The Average Annual Salary for 2010-2011 was unavailable.

Working Environment

Farm, garden nursery, breeding animals, aquatic farm.

Certification and Advancement

Keeping updated with current agricultural technology and learning through apprenticeship programs are a great way to get ahead in the industry. For occupations that require operating equipment on the road or driving a truck as part their job, a driver's license will be required.

Career Outlook

Many opportunities will open due to retiring professionals. It's also important to keep in mind that the changing weather patterns and industrialization of agricultural production will change the way agricultural practices are performed.