Hot Careers in Canada

Auditors/Accountants/Investment Professionals

If you're a mathematic wizard, then a career as an auditor, accountant or investment professional is a great way to work your magic.

Career Estimated Entry-Level Salary Average Annual Salary (2010-2011)
Accountants $32,800 $63,221
Financial Analysts $38,626 $66,414
Securities Agents, Investment Dealers and Brokers $26,340 $67,641
Business Management Consultants $46,095 $70,845


Working Environment

Accounting firms, banks, investment and underwriting firms.

Certification and Advancement

Accountants complete a certification course after a degree program to obtain a C.A., C.M.A. or C.G.A. designation. Financial investment analysts may continue to take special programs given by business-related institutes or associations during their careers.

Career Outlook

Many opportunities will open due to retiring professionals.