Hot Careers in Canada

Administrative and Regulatory Occupations

If you love keeping things efficient, then a career in administrative and regulatory occupations may be right for you.

Career Estimated Entry-Level Salary Average Annual Salary (2010-2011)
Executive Assistants $33,895 $50,793
Immigration, Unemployment Insurance and Revenue Officers $29,298 $56,430
Personnel and Recruitment Officers $32,102 $50,918
Property Administrators $31,044 $42,744
Conference and Event Planners $31,464 $41,288
Purchasing Officers $30,342 $53,248
Administrative Officers $26,875 $45,968
Court Officers and Justices of the Peace $28,968 $53,497
Project Managers $26,875 $45,968


Working Environment

Private and public sectors in schools, healthcare facilities, government, manufacturing, etc. In some cases there may be travel involved to visit clients and prospective meeting sites.

Certification and Advancement

The skills that are required for administrative and regulatory occupations will vary depending on the nature of the position, but many schools offer programs or short courses for more specialized training.

Career Outlook

New graduates will fill many of the job openings that will open due to retiring professionals.