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Study hints for studying in Australia or New Zealand
by Victoria Heron, AustraLearn

If your post-secondary options are leaning towards doing your degree in Australia or New Zealand, there are a few differences to be aware of. To begin with, there is less emphasis placed on the general education studies or elective component of a program and therefore, students generally start working on their main discipline in their first year of study. A Bachelor degree is typically completed in three years. There is also less reliance on multiple choice tests or more frequent tests, but rather more on essays, oral presentations and final examinations. Some great tips for studying in Australia or New Zealand are:

  • Attend all lectures and tutorials. Lectures are given by professors and these are then followed by a tutorial. The tutorials are smaller group discussions and reviews of the lecture and may include oral presentations or group assignments.
  • Take notes at both lectures and tutorials.
  • Deliver assignments on time. Many assignments can count towards your final grade.
  • Understand the exam process. Exams may be varied in format and include essay, multiple choice or short answer. Strict rules usually apply about writing utensils, cheating and time constraints.
  • Speak to your professor, tutor or academic advisor if you are in need of any help. You will come to know many of your professors on a first name basis, so call on them for advice and help.
  • Remember to have fun and enjoy your studies!

The Australian and New Zealand education systems foster an independent learning and teaching style. It encourages students to become independent thinkers. All the support you need is available to you and Canadian students tend to fit easily into Australian and New Zealand universities and the academic systems. This will simply be a life-changing experience!

If you would like to know more about studying in Australia or New Zealand, please contact AustraLearn at 1-888-637-4412 or visit our Web site at

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