Sheridan College - Trafalgar Campus

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Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Architectural Technician Diploma; Co-op
Architectural Technology Diploma; Co-op
Chemical Engineering Technology Diploma
Chemical Engineering Technology Diploma; Co-op
Chemical Engineering Technology - Environmental Diploma
Chemical Engineering Technology - Environmental Diploma; Co-op
Computer Engineering Technician (2 Year) Diploma; Co-op
Computer Engineering Technology (3 Year) Diploma; Co-op
Computer Systems Technician - Software Engineering Diploma
Computer Systems Technology - Software Development and Network Engineering Diploma; Co-op
Craft and Design - Furniture Bachelor; Honours
Electromechanical Engineering Technician Diploma; Co-op
Electromechanical Engineering Technician (Advanced Diploma) Diploma; Co-op
Electromechanical Engineering Technology Diploma; Co-op
Electromechanical Engineering Technology (Advanced Diploma) Diploma; Co-op
Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma; Co-op
Electronics Engineering Technician (Advanced Diploma) Diploma; Co-op
Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma; Co-op
Electronics Engineering Technology (Advanced Diploma) Diploma; Co-op
Environmental Technician Diploma
Mechanical Engineering Technician Diploma; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Technician (Advanced Diploma) Diploma; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Technician - Design and Drafting Diploma
Mechanical Engineering Technician - Design and Drafting (Advanced Diploma) Diploma
Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Technology (Advanced Diploma) Diploma; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design and Drafting Diploma; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design and Drafting (Advanced Diploma) Diploma; Co-op
Mechanical Technician - Tool Making Diploma

Business, Management and Public Administration

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Art and Art History Bachelor
Art Fundamentals Certificate
Craft and Design - Cermanics Bachelor; Honours
Craft and Design - Glass Bachelor; Honours
Craft and Design - Industrial Design Bachelor; Honours
Craft and Design - Textiles Bachelor; Honours
Design Bachelor; Honours
Film and Television Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Game Design Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Illustration Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Interior Decorating Diploma
Interior Design Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Internet Communications Technology Diploma; Co-op
Music Theatre Performance Bachelor; Honours
Photography Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Technical Production for Theatre and Live Events (Advanced Diploma) Diploma; Co-op
Theatre and Drama Studies Bachelor
Visual and Creative Arts Diploma
Visual and Creative Arts (Advanced Diploma) Diploma

Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness


Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Humanities and Languages

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