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Brock University is celebrating its 50th year of offering students a broad range of scholarly, innovative, and professional undergraduate and graduate programs. Recent years have constituted a period of unprecedented growth and transformation as Brock moves ahead to be a broader based mid sized institution. Currently the University has 18,512 undergraduate and graduate students representing all the provinces in Canada and over 80 other countries around the world. Even with this tremendous growth, Brock remains committed to the seminar system, small group learning, and providing students with experiential learning opportunities in addition to academics. Brock’s 78,000 graduates have applied their degrees to careers in Canada and around the world, and Brock enjoys one of the highest employment rates of all Ontario universities at 92.8% two years after graduation.

Brock offers more than 70 undergraduate, 36 Co-op degree programs and 43 graduate programs within seven faculties, as well as several Doctorate programs. In addition to excellence in academic pursuits, the majority of Brock students are active in campus life including residence, recreation, and club activities, as well as in Brock varsity athletics. When students choose Brock, they are choosing high quality teaching, the opportunity to complete research at the undergraduate level, close student professor relationships, a rich array of student life programs, and the benefit of small group learning in every program.

Areas of Expertise

Brock University offers a wide selection of innovative and established programs such as Accounting, Applied Linguistics, Biomedical Sciences, Business Administration, Child and Youth Studies, Computing and Network Communications, Concurrent Education programs, Medical Sciences, Kinesiology, Neuroscience, Oenology and Viticulture, Policing and Criminal Justice, and Sport Management. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in hands on learning environments including co-op, internships, teaching placements, field placements, Experience Plus and Med Plus programs, Music Ed Plus and research endeavours.

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Co-ed:2,400 bedsLowest: $6,805Highest: $10,805

The residence system at Brock can accommodate almost 2,400 students in six residence buildings or complexes. Brock also offers traditional and townhouse styles to accommodate students' preferences. These include: 2/3 single, 1/2 traditional in four buildings and 1/2 townhouse in two buildings.

Off Campus Housing

Brock University provides a website to help students find appropriate off-campus housing. An up-to-date listing of accommodations can be found at the Off-Campus Living Office or by visiting

Incoming Students

We make sure our students have all the tools they need to succeed. During the summer months, new students are invited to Smart Start; a transition program including specially designed first year academic advising sessions; LEAP; and Basecamp. During Orientation Week (the first week of school), new students are introduced to the facilities and services available, and to the spirit Brock is so well known for. While attending Brock, students may access our Student Development Centre, which includes Aboriginal student services, campus ministries, leadership foundations training, services for students with disabilities, learning skills services and personal counselling services. Our Office of International Services welcomes our international students with many social events and activities, provides special student advising, a Host Family Program, Peer Partner Program, and an international student lounge.

Career Planning

Career Services at Brock provides students with several career oriented programs including: - Experience Plus - a careers oriented, work experience program. - Med Plus - a health career exploration program. - Music Ed Plus - Assisting Brock students with career exploration, employability skills development, and job search. - Recruiting employers to advertise employment opportunities at Brock and hire Brock student graduates.


Few institutions in Canada can compare to the high level of athletic achievement of Brock University. With 31 national championships and 67 provincial championships to our credit, the Brock Badgers have certainly established a traditional of excellence. The Badgers ended their 50th season with several new titles to add to their growing list.


Brock has over 80 clubs available for students to participate in. These range from clubs specific to the academic program you are studying to different areas of special interest. Some of our clubs include; Aboriginal Student Organization (ASO), Brock Animal Rights Club (BARC), Brock Anime Club, Brock University Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Brock Christian Fellowship, Brock Dance, Brock Italian Canadian Society (BICS), Brock Japan Club, Brock Musical Theatre Troupe, Brock Outdoors, Brock Polish Club, Brock Pride, Brock Rotoract, Brock Tamil Students’ Association, Brock University Geographical Society (BUGS), Brock University Students of History (BUSH), Brock Young Liberals, Campus for Christ, Child and Youth Studies (CHYS) Society, Community Health Science Student Council, Guinness Brock, International Students’ Association (ISA), Jewish Students’ Association (JSA), Linguistics Network, Muslim Students’ Association (MSA), Psyc Society, Recreation and Leisure Council, Brock Red Cross Youth Group, ROOTS: African-Caribbean Society, Sociology Student Association (SSA), Solidarity in Action (SIA), South Asian Student Alliance, Stumanity (Students for Humanity), and World University Service of Canada (WUSC). Please note that the clubs vary from year to year. The Brock University Students’ Union will financially support any student club as long as ten students are willing to join it.

Information Technology

All students have full access to both e-mail and the Internet through on-campus microcomputer labs (PCs and Macs) or off-campus through modems (for a fee). All residence rooms are fully wired. Every student receives an e-mail account when they register. The academic campus is 100% wireless.


Brock University features a Centre for the Arts with a theatre, an experimental stage, a playhouse and film theatre, the visual arts studio, and the film studies research room. Brock has also assumed ownership of Rodman Hall Arts Centre, Niagara's main art exhibition centre and one of Canada's leading art museums.

Special Services

Brock encourages and supports the full participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of campus life. The campus is almost entirely wheelchair accessible including four residence buildings. Specialized computer software and other adaptive technologies, library services, and various other support services are also available. The Student Development Centre also houses an Aboriginal Student Adviser, personal counselling services, and learning skills services.

Affiliated Institutions

Brock University is affiliated with the following institutions: Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary; Brock University Wellness Institute; and Rodman Hall.

International Involvement

Brock University has exchange programs with institutions all over the world including Germany, Wales, England, Korea, Japan, France, the United States, and many other countries. Summer courses in Italy are also available. The Classics Department offers archaeological training at working excavations usually in Cyprus and can facilitate participation in other archaeological projects in Europe and the Mediterranean. Study tours in Europe are also offered periodically.

Campus Tour

Campus tours are available Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., and will take approximately 1.25 hours. Tours can be custom designed for individuals who wish to meet with professors or coaches while they are on campus. For more information, contact Recruitment and Liaison Services or visit

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