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Centennial College



Centennial was established in 1966 as the first community college in Ontario. It offers more than 95 degree, diploma, and certificate programs on a full and part-time basis in business, communication arts, community services and child studies, digital design, engineering technology, health sciences, hospitality, and transportation. These career oriented programs emphasize practical experience with laboratory learning, industry and agency placements, individual and group projects, as well as co-op education. Students may also prepare for college and university through the general arts and science programs, English language training, and a variety of other short programs. Centennial has a record of exemplary teaching, innovative programming, and extensive partnerships with employers.

There are four campuses. The Progress Campus offers business and engineering technology programs, as well as programs in hospitality and tourism, and community services. Hospitality students work in the catering kitchens of the 380 bed student residence, providing food service for special functions.

Areas of Expertise

Centennial College is known for its business programs, particularly its e-Business and Network Specialist programs, which provide college and university graduates with up-to-the-minute skills demanded by employers. The School of Transportation with its large inventory of vehicles and aircraft, and strong industry support by partners such as Honda/Acura, Toyota, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Volvo Truck Canada, Canadian Tire, and Mack Truck is known throughout the country for its expertise in automotive and aircraft technology education. The Centre for Creative Communications represents a $37 million investment by the public and private sectors to create a leading edge school for content creators needed by the digital media sector. Centennial's Automation and Robotics Technology program is the first in Canada to earn "key school" status from the Fluid Power Education Foundation as a high quality educator in the field of robotics. The program benefits from strong representation and guidance provided by robotics and pneumatics manufacturers.

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Co-ed:Lowest: $7,360Highest: $8,680

For more information, call (416) 438-2216 ext. 6294.

Off Campus Housing

Centennial maintains a listing of available off-campus accommodations for our students. Please visit our page on

Incoming Students

Orientation activities for both academic and Centennial College Student Association programs and personalized success plans for first year students who wish to participate in our success survey. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of our free 'success skills' workshops offered throughout the year.

Career Planning

Counselling and co-operative education resources provide free workshops and seminars throughout the year focusing on job search and employment techniques.


Athletics and recreation facilities are available to Centennial students. Our active athletics and sports program includes varsity teams and recreational groups, clubs, intramural leagues, and free play.

Basketball, volleyball, soccer, and badminton have been traditional favourites. Look for the fitness and weight training rooms, and fitness classes to work your body while you're working your mind.


Visit your campus recreation coordinator's office and your student association (CCSAI) to discover the full range of activities at your campus!


Student clubs are eligible to receive an honorarium from Centennial's Student Association for expenses, such as field trips, activities, and programs. Some of the clubs currently operated by students include Centennial International Student Organization, Advertising Club, Chess Club, Spanish Club, Cricket Club, International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Canadian Public Relations Society, Fluid Power Club, Early Childhood Education Club, Tamil Student Organization, Vietnamese Student Society, and Latin Swing Club. Centennial College also has a student campus newspaper and multicultural week celebrations.

Information Technology

Centennial students can make use of almost 1,000 computers and 100 programs in open access labs at all campuses and your Student Centre at Progress Campus.


Centennial College has been recognized as one of the most culturally diverse post-secondary institutions in Canada where more than 93 cultural groups are represented and more than 80 languages are spoken.

Special Services

Our Centre for Students with Disabilities is well equipped to serve a variety of clients with its helpful equipment and specialized computer software. The centre can also arrange for alternative test procedures. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the centre prior to registration to arrange for any required program modifications. Centennial is fully wheelchair accessible. The College also operates three high quality childcare centres for students with young children.

Affiliated Institutions

Centennial College offers programs in conjunction with the following universities - University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and York University. As well, many of our diploma programs provide transfer or articulation opportunities to university degree programs around the world for successful graduates.

International Involvement

Centennial has been involved with numerous international projects working as consultants, working as part of a consortium, and providing contract training to overseas partners. Experienced in delivering contracted training programs within Canada and overseas, Centennial seeks partnerships with Canadian industry to provide value added training services in support of Canadian products and services marketed abroad. Centennial has also pioneered the technology transfer necessary to generate public and private sector partnerships in support of employment training, such as those found in the School of Transportation and The Centre for Creative Communications.

Campus Tour

Campus tours take place throughout the year at very convenient times. To arrange a campus tour, please phone the Liaison and Student Recruitment Office at (416) 289-5325.


The College also has a bookstore, food services, peer tutors, learning resources centres, the Centennial Place Dining Room, Massage Therapy Clinic, and your CCSAI Student Centre (at Progress Campus).

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