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Canadian Students
Entrance: 8Lowest: $500Highest: $25,000
In-School: 21Lowest: $500Highest: $30,000
International Students
Entrance: 4Lowest: $500Highest: $25,000
In-School: 17Lowest: $500Highest: $20,000


Canadian Students
Entrance: 1Lowest: $500Highest: $2,500
In-School: 12Lowest: $500Highest: $2,500
International Students
Entrance: 2Lowest: $500Highest: $3,000
In-School: 4Lowest: $2,500Highest: $2,500

Graduate Scholarships

Canadian Students
Entrance: 2Lowest: $5,000Highest: $10,000
In-School: 22Lowest: $1,000Highest: $25,000
International Students
Entrance: 2Lowest: $500Highest: $4,800
In-School: 14Lowest: $1,000Highest: $10,000

Graduate Bursaries

Canadian Students
Entrance: 2Lowest: $500Highest: $2,500
In-School: 14Lowest: $100Highest: $2,000
International Students
Entrance: 2Lowest: $500Highest: $2,500
In-School: 8Lowest: $100Highest: $1,000

Notes for Canadian Students

Entrance and continuing student scholarships are awarded in recognition of academic achievement. Entrance awards range in value from $500 to $25,000. Students entering programs in sciences or engineering with an admission average of 90% and above will also receive a Science and Engineering Scholarship of $2,000. Continuing students are eligible for scholarships based on their performance at York. International students may request an application for the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award, our most prestigious international scholarship. Four awards of $15,000 are granted to deserving students who apply by the deadline.

Notes for International Students

Please view 'Financial Aid Notes for Canadian Students'.

961 scholarship(s) found.
  Scholarship Value Deadline
Tony Elias Jr., B.A. Memorial Award n/s n/s
Michael C. Eben Award for Excellence in Academics and Athletics $110 n/s
W.B. Templeton Annual Award n/s n/s
Governors' Awards of Distinction: Betty-Jean and John M. Bankes Scholarship $8,000 n/s
Stanley L.Warner Memorial Award (Schulich) n/s n/s
William D. Graf Essay Prize n/s n/s
Vivian B. Kirkpatrick Award n/s n/s
E. Carl Smith Book Prize $50 n/s
David M. Walker Memorial Award $1,000 n/s
Allan C. Silber Award for Holocaust and Eastern Europe Jewish studies $3,000 n/s
LearningStation.Com Canadian Technology Award n/s n/s
E.S. Rogers Film & Video Scholarship $1,500 n/s
N.A. Taylor Prize for Film $650 n/s
Dr. Marion Hilliard Bursary for Mature Students $600 n/s
Tesma International Inc. Award $1,600 n/s
Business.ca Inc. Bursary $579 n/s
R.L. Cohen Scholarship in Psychology n/s n/s
Peter E. Board Bursary $595 n/s
Peter F. Bronfman Award n/s n/s
John S. Proctor Award $400 n/s
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Modified on September 28, 2017

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