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Canadian Students
Entrance: 2,400Lowest:  Highest:  
In-School: 2,000Lowest:  Highest:  


Canadian Students
Entrance: 0Lowest: $200Highest: $1,000

Notes for Canadian Students

The University and its divisions provide bursaries ranging from $200.00 to $1,000.00 annually according to financial need. The University also provides 2,400 admission scholarships and more than 2,000 in-course scholarships in addition to the University of Toronto scholars program, 150 non-renewable awards valued at $3,000.00 and 100 non-renewable awards valued at $1,500.00, at the end of each of first, second, and third year. In addition, national scholarships include tuition for four years, residence in first year plus a varying, renewable cash award.

Notes for International Students

Please view 'Financial Aid Notes for Canadian Students'.

2,110 scholarship(s) found.
  Scholarship Value Deadline
Euphrasia E. Hislop Award n/s n/s
Drs. Ann and Carl Witus Awards (Medical Alumni Association Award) n/s n/s
Lois And K.J.R. Wightman Award n/s n/s
Wolfe D. Goodman Bursary n/s n/s
Dr. Delbert S. Hoare Award for Outstanding Contribution by a Medical Student to Medical Education (MAA) n/s n/s
Dr. Martin Berger 5T7 Memorial MAA Award n/s n/s
Dr. Horace Wells Prize n/s n/s
W.B. Wiegand Prize in Ancient Greek n/s n/s
Barry H. Korzen Endodontic Award $200 n/s
Garnet W. McKee-Lachlan Gilchrist Scholarship n/s n/s
William R. Worthington Memorial Scholarship n/s n/s
W.G. Frisby Scholarship $400 n/s
Dr. George K. Balkos Memorial Award For Excellence in Bioethics n/s n/s
Mrs. Gurdev Kaur Neelam Award $2,000 n/s
William T. Jackman Scholarship in Corporation Finance or in Transportation Economics n/s n/s
Margaret I. Hambly Entrance Scholarship $800 n/s
Thomas A. Goudge Scholarship in Philosophy n/s n/s
Dr. John A. Sherman Memorial Award $1,000 n/s
Dr. Gabriel Leung Memorial Scholarship $250 n/s
George A. Guess In-Course Scholarships n/s n/s
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