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Notes for Canadian Students

UNB provides scholarships for high school students ranging in value from $500 to $80,000. Chances are the higher the scholarship average, the higher the value of scholarship support, so it pays to study! To be considered, high school students must apply before March 1! UNB tries to keep it simple when it comes to applying for scholarship support. Completing one application each year of your undergraduate study makes you eligible to be considered for almost all of UNB's undergraduate scholarships - that's more than 850 different scholarships! Some of the Canada's largest scholarships available to high school students can be found at UNB. The Schulich Leaders Scholarship is valued at $80,000 for a student studying Engineering and $60,000 for a student studying in the other the STEM subjects at UNB. Four students from Atlantic Canada will receive the Currie Undergraduate Scholarship valued at $65,000 and three New Brunswick students will receive the Beaverbrook Scholars Award valued at $48,000. New this year 2015-16, two students from New Brunswick will receive the JDI NB Scholarship valued at $32,000.

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  Scholarship Value Deadline
Michael R. Cochrane Memorial Medal n/s n/s
H. D. Woods Memorial Bursary $1,000 April 15, 2018
Dr. W. C. Keirstead Prize in Economics $200 n/s
Dr. L. P. Sebastian Prize n/s n/s
W. T. Whitehead Memorial Prize $195 n/s
Thomas D. Doyle Award $1,000 April 15, 2018
G.D. Estey Memorial Prize n/s n/s
W. H. Harrison Prize for Conversational French UNBF $200 n/s
M. D. B. Burt Prize for Biology in Nursing $200 n/s
Late Richard Laurence Weldon Prize in Mechanical Eng., The $1,715 n/s
Dr. A. Wilmer Duff Memorial Prize $100 n/s
Stanley Frank Trzop Sr. & Jr. Memorial Scholarship $3,000 April 15, 2018
Eric C. Garland Scholarship $1,000 March 01, 2018
Alister R. Peach Memorial Scholarship $500 n/s
Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship for Mature Nursing Students n/s n/s
Edith G. McLeod Memorial Scholarship $1,400 n/s
Dr. G.F.M. Smith Memorial Scholarship $1,450 April 15, 2018
Margaret B. Christie Memorial Scholarship $4,000 April 15, 2018
Margaret C. Sheldrick Memorial Scholarship in Arts (English) $525 April 15, 2018
Margaret C. Sheldrick Memorial Scholarship in Arts (Philosophy or Political Science) $525 April 15, 2018
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