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Canadian Students
Entrance: 0Lowest: $750Highest: $14,000
In-School: 0Lowest: $350Highest: $3,500
International Students
Entrance: 0Lowest: $2,500Highest: $14,000


Canadian Students
Entrance: 0Lowest: $1,250Highest: $2,275
In-School: 0Lowest: $250Highest: $2,500

Notes for Canadian Students

Brock University offers an unlimited number of Brock Scholars Awards to all incoming students entering their 1st undergraduate program with an admission average of 80% or greater. Brock Scholars Awards are awarded according to the following schedule: $14,000.00 ($3,500.00 for up to four years) for students with an average of 93.0% and over; $8,000.00 ($2,000.00 for up to four years) for students with an average of 90% to 92.9%; $4,000.00 ($1,000.00 for up to four years) for students with an average of 85% to 89.9%; and $750.00 for year one. All entrance scholarships are renewable each year if an overall average of 80% is maintained in the top four Brock courses. There are also numerous donor funded scholarships for students who meet certain criteria, as well as in-course scholarships and bursaries. Our unique OneApp award, and bursary applications allows students to be considered for all our donor bursaries and awards by filling out one online application.

618 scholarship(s) found.
  Scholarship Value Deadline
L. Amy Kerr Book Prize $95 n/s
J.P. Bickell Foundation Entrance Scholarship $1,040 n/s
Dr. Margaret Campbell Bursary $550 March 31, 2017
Dr. M. S. Manocha Memorial Prize $100 n/s
E. S. Rogers Communications Inc. In-Course Scholarship $500 n/s
W. G. Ormsby Scholarship $275 n/s
Lubrizol Canada Ltd. Scholarship $515 n/s
Dr. Cora M. Briant Bursary for Women $1,650 October 15, 2017
M.E. and L.E. Miller Prize in Drama and Theatre Arts n/s n/s
Margaret A. Clifford Memorial Award $510 May 31, 2017
Mariane LeCompte (Newton) Memorial Award $227 n/s
E. Werner Awards $1,540 n/s
Aboriginal Postsecondary Education and Training Bursary $1,000 n/s
Allanburg Women's Institute Book Prize $140 n/s
Moira Russell Book Bursary $175 n/s
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - Niagara Valley Scholarship $1,830 n/s
John and Kathleen Jackson Award $1,590 n/s
Faculty of Mathematics and Science Alumni Bursary $1,635 n/s
John W. Bean and Kathryn Bean Becker Scholarship $1,122 n/s
Remo and Ida Ramella Memorial Scholarship $6,738 n/s
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Modified on August 31, 2017

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