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Canadian Students
Entrance: 5,200Lowest: $500Highest: $25,000
In-School: 2,700Lowest: $50Highest: $25,000
International Students
Entrance: 5,200Lowest: $500Highest: $40,000
In-School: 2,700Lowest: $50Highest: $25,000


Canadian Students
Entrance: 60Lowest: $350Highest: $2,000

Notes for Canadian Students

The Student Awards Office awards over $25 million in undergraduate scholarships each year to outstanding students. For information about graduate scholarships and financial aid, contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. For information about U of A bursaries, contact the Student Financial Aid and Information Centre.

Notes for International Students

UAlberta offered more than $21 million in undergraduate scholarships last year, including many scholarships specifically for international students.

If you are applying from within the following countries or regions, then you may be eligible for a country/region-specific scholarship: China, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, USA.

View a complete list of UAlberta's scholarships for international students at

1,932 scholarship(s) found.
  Scholarship Value Deadline
A Dr. Dennis Kadatz Golden Bears Football Leadership Award $500 n/s
EVRAZ Inc. NA Canada Awards in Engineering $3,000 n/s
Dr. Karel Puffer Scholarship in Civil Engineering $1,250 n/s
Susan M. Gallacher Award in Law $1,200 n/s
St. David's Welsh Society Harpist Award $1,000 n/s
The Pioneer Teacher Scholarship $500 n/s
The Margaret Ellis Panda Track & Field Scholarship $500 n/s
The Dr. Ramesh Bhambhani & WH Freeman Scholarship for Excellence in Genetics $250 n/s
Robert S. Geddes Memorial Scholarship in Chemical Engineering $1,250 n/s
The Mervyn J Huston Scholarship in Pharmacy $800 n/s
Battle River Implements Ltd. $500 July 15, 2018
Dr. Art Quinney Scholarship n/s n/s
The Dr. T.A. Kasper Resident Excellence Scholarship $4,000 n/s
The AG (Gil) Gilmet Award $750 n/s
Dr Henry T Lewis Memorial Scholarship in Anthropology $750 n/s
Dr Larry Beauchamp Leadership Scholarship $500 n/s
Helen Jeannette Raver Memorial Scholarship $350 n/s
Morden Heaton Long Memorial Prize in Honors History $400 n/s
The Sheila Kelcher Scholarship $500 n/s
Dr. James Zimmerman Scholarship $1,750 n/s
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