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Canadian Students
Entrance: 150Lowest: $500Highest: $11,000
International Students
Entrance: 150Lowest: $500Highest: $11,000

Notes for Canadian Students

Acadia awards over $3.0 million annually in scholarships, bursaries, awards, and prizes. Over 150 entrance scholarships are awarded each year, ranging in value from $500.00 to $11,000.00. Scholar-bursaries are awarded to students based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and financial need. Many of our entrance scholarships are renewable and based on academic performance once at Acadia. Students who wish to be considered for an entrance scholarship must apply for admission by March 1.

564 scholarship(s) found.
  Scholarship Value Deadline
William G. Fletcher Memorial Award in Classics, The n/s n/s
Everett P. Linton Prize in Chemistry, The $500 n/s
Charles A. Eaton Memorial Scholarship $902 n/s
Alfred D. Arthurs Scholar-Bursaries n/s n/s
Fred C. Manning Scholarships $500 n/s
George C. Nowlan Memorial Scholarship $1,300 n/s
Harold M. Nason Memorial Scholarship, The $710 n/s
Lloyd E. Shaw Scholarship $150 n/s
Daniel S. Bezanson Scholarship, The $720 n/s
Alexander L. Anderson Bursary $3,800 n/s
Dennis H. Covill Scholar-Bursary n/s January 30, 2015
Alden R. Clark Athletic Award $1,505 n/s
Alexander L. Anderson Scholarship $320 n/s
Victor E. Gould Memorial Prize in Biology, The n/s n/s
Dr. Muriel L. Roscoe Memorial Scholarship in Biology, The n/s n/s
Burnett W. and Bessie C. Ralston Scholarship $240 n/s
Dr. Allister Irwin MacDonald Scholar-Bursary n/s January 30, 2015
Dr. Rosemary Therese and Stephen A. Holton Scholar-Bursary n/s January 30, 2015
Raymond W. Ferguson Bursary, The n/s January 30, 2015
Ralph K. Strong Memorial Entrance Scholarships $1,000 n/s
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