The University of British Columbia - Faculty of Medicine


Graduate Scholarships

Canadian Students
In-School: 3Lowest: $550Highest: $6,200

Graduate Bursaries

Canadian Students
In-School: 6Lowest: $1,225Highest: $19,000

Notes for Canadian Students

Substantial fellowships and grants are available for students pursuing research in specific areas.

10 scholarship(s) found.
  Scholarship Value Deadline
Pacific Blue Cross Award for Northern Medical Program Students $1,000 March 01, 2018
Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists' Award n/s n/s
Din Family Award $1,500 March 01, 2018
Dr. Galt Wilson Northern Medical Programs Trust Residency Placement Award $30,000 March 01, 2018
Dr. Tony Eckersley Memoral Award $1,000 March 01, 2018
Gordon Campbell Scholarship $3,500 March 01, 2018
Northern BC Friends of Children Award $1,000 March 01, 2018
Northern First Nations Health Partnership Committee Health and Wellness Award (NMP or GR) $2,000 March 01, 2018
Stephanie Kennedy Memorial Award $3,500 March 01, 2018
Faculty Women's Club Anne Wesbrook Scholarship $1,500 n/s
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