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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Anthropology - Primatology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Anthropology - Primatology Bachelor; Co-op
Anthropology - Primatology Bachelor
Anthropology - Primatology Bachelor; Honours
Anthropology - Social and Cultural Bachelor
Anthropology - Social and Cultural Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Anthropology - Social and Cultural Bachelor; Co-op
Anthropology - Social and Cultural Bachelor; Honours
Archaeology Bachelor; Co-op
Archaeology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Archaeology Bachelor
Archaeology Bachelor; Honours
Canadian Studies Bachelor; Honours
Canadian Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Canadian Studies Bachelor
Canadian Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Communication and Culture Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Communication and Culture Bachelor; Co-op
Communication and Culture Bachelor; Honours
Communication and Culture Bachelor
Communication and Culture (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
Communications Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Communications Studies Bachelor
Communications Studies Bachelor; Honours
Communications Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Development Studies Bachelor; Honours
Development Studies Bachelor
Development Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Development Studies Bachelor; Co-op
East Asian Studies Bachelor
East Asian Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Economics Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Economics Bachelor; Co-op
Economics Bachelor
Geography Bachelor
Geography Bachelor; Co-op
Geography Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Geography Bachelor; Honours
German Bachelor
German Bachelor; Co-op
German Bachelor; Honours
German Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
International Indigenous Studies Bachelor; Co-op
International Indigenous Studies Bachelor
International Relations Bachelor
International Relations Bachelor; Co-op
Italian Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Italian Studies Bachelor
Latin American Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Latin American Studies Bachelor
Law Bachelor
Law and Society Bachelor
Law and Society Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Law and Society Bachelor; Honours
Law and Society Bachelor; Co-op
Political Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Political Science Bachelor; Honours
Political Science Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor; Co-op
Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Psychology Bachelor
Russian Bachelor
Russian Bachelor; Co-op
Russian Bachelor; Honours
Russian Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Science, Technology and Society (B.A.) Bachelor; Honours
Science, Technology and Society (B.A.) Bachelor
Science, Technology and Society (B.A.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Science, Technology and Society (B.A.) Bachelor; Co-op
Science, Technology and Society (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op
Science, Technology and Society (B.Sc.) Bachelor
Science, Technology and Society (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
Science, Technology and Society (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Sociology Bachelor; Co-op
Sociology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Sociology Bachelor
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Spanish Bachelor
Spanish Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Spanish Bachelor; Co-op
Spanish Bachelor; Honours
Women's Studies Bachelor
Women's Studies Bachelor; Honours
Women's Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Women's Studies Bachelor; Co-op

Humanities and Languages

Ancient and Medieval History Bachelor; Honours
Ancient and Medieval History Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Ancient and Medieval History Bachelor; Co-op
Ancient and Medieval History Bachelor
Classical and Early Christian Studies Bachelor; Honours
Classical and Early Christian Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
East Asian Language Studies Bachelor
East Asian Language Studies Bachelor; Co-op
English Bachelor; Co-op
English Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
English Bachelor
English Bachelor; Honours
French Bachelor; Co-op
French Bachelor; Honours
French Bachelor
French Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Greek and Roman Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Greek and Roman Studies Bachelor; Honours
Greek and Roman Studies Bachelor
Greek and Roman Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
History Bachelor; Co-op
History Bachelor
History Bachelor; Honours
History Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
History and Philosophy of Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
History and Philosophy of Science Bachelor; Honours
History and Philosophy of Science Bachelor
History and Philosophy of Science Bachelor; Co-op
Linguistics Bachelor
Linguistics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Linguistics Bachelor; Honours
Linguistics Bachelor; Co-op
Linguistics and Language Bachelor; Co-op
Linguistics and Language Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Philosophy Bachelor; Co-op
Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy Bachelor
Religious Studies Bachelor
Religious Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Religious Studies Bachelor; Honours
Religious Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Religious Studies and Applied Ethics Bachelor; Co-op
Religious Studies and Applied Ethics Bachelor

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Applied and Environmental Geology Bachelor
Applied and Environmental Geology Bachelor; Honours
Astrophysics Bachelor; Honours
Astrophysics Bachelor
Biochemistry Bachelor
Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Bioinformatics Bachelor; Honours
Biological Sciences Bachelor
Biological Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Botany Bachelor
Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology Bachelor
Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology Bachelor; Honours
Chemical Physics Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Earth Science Bachelor
Earth Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Earth Science Bachelor; Honours
Earth Science Bachelor; Co-op
Ecology Bachelor; Honours
Ecology Bachelor
Ecology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Ecology Bachelor; Co-op
Exercise and Health Physiology Bachelor
Exercise and Health Physiology Bachelor; Honours
Geology Bachelor; Honours
Geology Bachelor
Geophysics Bachelor; Honours
Geophysics Bachelor
Natural Sciences Bachelor
Natural Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Neuroscience Bachelor; Honours
Physics Bachelor; Honours
Physics Bachelor
Plant Biology Bachelor; Honours
Zoology Bachelor
Zoology Bachelor; Honours

Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Actuarial Science Bachelor; Honours
Business Process Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Business Process Management Bachelor; Honours
Commerce Bachelor; Co-op
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Bachelor; Honours
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Finance Bachelor; Honours
Finance Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
General Business Bachelor; Honours
General Business Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
General Commerce Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
General Commerce Bachelor; Honours
Hotel and Resort Management Bachelor; Honours
Human Resources and Organizational Dynamics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Human Resources and Organizational Dynamics Bachelor; Honours
International Business Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
International Business Bachelor; Honours
Management Information Systems Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Management Information Systems Bachelor; Honours
Marketing Bachelor; Honours
Marketing Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Operations Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Operations Management Bachelor; Honours
Personal Financial Planning Bachelor; Honours
Personal Financial Planning Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Social Work Bachelor
Social Work - Edmonton Bachelor
Supply Chain Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Supply Chain Management Bachelor; Honours
Tourism Management Bachelor; Honours
Tourism Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Tourism Management and Marketing Bachelor; Honours
Tourism Management and Marketing Bachelor; Co-op; Honours

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Dance Bachelor
Drama Bachelor
Film Studies (B.A.) Bachelor; Co-op
Film Studies (B.A.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Film Studies (B.F.S.) Bachelor
Film Studies (B.F.S.) Bachelor; Honours
Film Studies (B.F.S.) Bachelor; Co-op
Film Studies (BA) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Film Studies (BA) Bachelor
Film Studies (BFS) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Music (B.A.) Bachelor; Honours
Music (B.A.) Bachelor
Music (B.Mus.) Bachelor; Honours
Visual Studies Bachelor

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Chemical Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Civil Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Computer Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Electrical Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Energy Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Energy Management Bachelor; Honours
Geomatics Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Oil and Gas Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Software Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Urban Studies Bachelor
Urban Studies Bachelor; Co-op

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Applied Mathematics Bachelor
Applied Mathematics Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science Bachelor
Pure Mathematics Bachelor
Pure Mathematics Bachelor; Honours
Statistics Bachelor; Honours
Statistics Bachelor

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Environmental Science Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Science Bachelor
Petroleum Land Management Bachelor; Honours
Petroleum Land Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours


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