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Program Information

School:Algonquin Careers Academy - Mississauga
Field of Study:Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Description:The objective of this program is to provide the student with “hands-on” training in the key areas of paralegal work. The practical, rather than the theoretical, is stressed. The successful graduate will have the necessary skills to enter into any Tribunal, Small Claims Court or Traffic Court, and be able to deal with every eventuality that may arise. The need for well-trained, competent legal professionals has never been greater. Paralegals make up a group of affordable options to a public that can’t afford a lawyer in simple matters.

Paralegals may act independently in the representation of clients as Agents. Paralegals may represent clients in small claims matters; landlord/tenant matters; matters before most federal and provincial agencies as well as tribunals, such as WSIB matters; pardons and name changes; and other minor civil matters.
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Modified on June 26, 2014